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Take Amy's hand on PSN this summer

Justin McElroy

Since we hadn't heard anything on PSN survival horror exclusive Amy since it was announced in February, we'd let it fall comfortably off our radar. But now we've read the first gameplay details and seen new screens from the project -- headed by Flashback creator Paul Cuisset -- and it's right back there on the radar just ... you know, blooping away, or whatever it is that things on radars do.

The town of Silver City has been torn apart by a mysterious virus, and the one hope is a young girl named Amy whose presence seems to be the only cure. As Amy's protector, you'll lead her out of Silver City, holding R1 to take her hand. The tender gesture won't just be used for guiding her, you'll also be able to feel her pulse through the Dual Shock, with an increase in her heart rate providing a warning for an oncoming increase in danger. The emphasis is on stealth, or "exfiltration" as Cuisset puts it, avoiding conflict with the terrors plaguing Silver City just long enough to get Amy to safety.

There are a few other tidbits in this post on the PlayStation Blog, but none more exciting than the fact that we'll be able to start leading Amy out of Silver City at some point this summer. Just a heads up: You'll probably want to go ahead and start watching this Hootie and the Blowfish classic to prep for our inevitable review headline pun.

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