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Create photo albums right on your iPhone with Album App Mini

Mel Martin

As we're well into vacation season, Album App Mini is a well-timed app to send your pictures to friends and family, in nicely formatted photo albums, without having to invoke software on your laptop or desktop.

Album App Mini lets you import photos from your camera roll or online photo services, like Flickr or Facebook, and create attractive templates and add text. Photos can be cropped, scaled and rotated. Text can be any color you choose, and there are several fonts and type-styles to work with. The app has 30 layouts for photo placement, which is certainly more than enough, and it has 5 themes. Album App Mini also has a tutorial, which was a bit difficult to get into. It looked like a video you touch to start, but in fact, it was a set of static pages that you scroll through.

Albums can be several pages, and the completed albums can be emailed -- something the iPhone software doesn't supply natively. You can upload photos to MobileMe galleries, but it looks like that function may be going away when iCloud appears.

When you're done, you can email your finished album or send it to Facebook or Twitter. I noticed some image degradation when I emailed the album, so it looks like things aren't going out at full resolution. The app also supports AirPrint.

Album App Mini is a reasonable US$0.99, although extra themes cost money, which is a growing practice I'm not wild about. I'd rather spend an extra buck on an app and get the whole thing. I like the way this app works, and I'm going to give it a full try on an upcoming photo trek to New Mexico. It's a nice way to send a finished product while you are on the road. You can see some screenshots in the gallery, and feel free to comment on any other similar solutions you have seen and like.

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