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Lord of the Rings Online's Summer Festival is here!


Hear ye, hear ye, Free Peoples of Middle-earth! Summer is upon us, and that can only mean one thing: Lord of the Rings Online's Summer Festival is kicking into full swing. Throughout the course of the festival, you citizens of Middle-earth can "show your skill with reins or rod in the time-honored racing and fishing challenges [and] take part in new challenges too, and discover what new rewards are to be won!"

Those of you lot who are the gambling sort can place your bets on the keg races, as four Dwarves face off to see who is stoutest of stomach and fleetest of foot. If you'd prefer to show your own skills rather than placing wagers on others, then get behind the reins at the the horse races. After all that excitement, wind down with a scavenger hunt, or go drinking with the Ale Association or the Inn League for fun and profit. And what would any festival be without music and dancing? For the full details on this upcoming event, check out the announcement on LotRO's official site.

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