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Sling sends some users offline with PRO-HD update, issues fix

Zach Honig

"Having difficulty with your PRO-HD this week?" That announcement headlining the Slingbox Answers Forum sums it up: a software update pushed last week "caused some Slingbox PRO-HD models to appear unavailable for TV streaming" -- a fairly significant issue, considering TV streaming is what these things do. Sling Media has since released a fix, but your device will need to connect to the internet to receive it. A spokesperson said that a "very small percentage" of users were affected, and that power cycling the device and waiting 10 minutes should solve the problem, as each box is programmed to connect and check for updates during the boot sequence. One Pro-HD owner wrote in claiming that the new software "bricked" his unit, meaning it's unable to power-up to receive the new update. If you're experiencing a similar issue, Sling suggests calling customer service at (877) 467-5464 -- mentioning the failed firmware update should help you avoid that nasty $30 service call charge.

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