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Valve preps Team Fortress 2 for 'The Uber Update'

Justin McElroy

Just how big is this week's going "Über Update" for Team Fortress 2? To give you some idea, only one of the following statements is a fabrication:

1) A new "Meet the Medic" short will be released
2) There's a new class pack for the Heavy and Spy, Mobster Monday, with another on the way
3) The game is totally free to play all day
4) We once hit and killed a homeless man with a car and hid his body in a lake and just admitting that out loud is so freeing, we can't believe we spent so much time in a prison of guilt

Did you spot the gag? Yep, Team Fortress 2 is actually free to play all week, not all day! Sorry, just having a little fun.

[Thanks, Tyler N.]

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