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Apple discontinues Final Cut Express, reportedly ends Server too


Now that some Tuesday's Final Cut Pro X is available, additional details about Apple's pro video edition solution are available.

Engadget has confirmed with Apple that there won't be a boxed (studio suite) version of Final Cut Pro X. Instead, it will only be available for download through the Mac App Store, alongside separate purchases of Motion (US$49.99) and Compressor ($49.99).

Also, there will be no special upgrade price for owners of previous versions of Final Cut Pro, but with the new price point, it's hard to really complain about that. Finally, Engadget confirms that the days of Final Cut Express are over -- it's either iMovie or Final Cut Pro X from Apple.

AppleInsider corroborates these claims, but adds Final Cut Server to the list. According to "a person familiar with Apple's retail operations," AppleInsider reports that Final Cut Server has been discontinued as of June 21.

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