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City of Heroes producer's letter talks Freedom

Jef Reahard

In case you've been living under a Paragon City-sized rock over the past couple of days, it's worth repeating that City of Heroes is gearing up to add a boatload of new freemium options with its Freedom update. Today's producer's letter addresses the watershed news and also gives a glimpse behind the curtain at the balancing act achieved by Paragon Studios developers while simultaneously working on Issues 19 - 21 (and supporting Issue 18).

While some players no doubt see the onset of a freemium business model as an indication that a game's best days are behind it, Paragon's planned path forward for content creation seems to suggest otherwise.

What are some of these new content nuggets? "An all-new tutorial will introduce new players to Paragon City and the Rogue Isles like never before, and lets heroes and villains choose their archetype independently of their alignment," says the letter. Additionally, players can expect an Atlas Park makeover as well as new mission content in both Atlas Park and Mercy Island. New zones are in the works too, as are new costumes, powers, characters, and villains. In short, there's rarely been a better time to be a City of Heroes fan, so head to the official website to read all about it.

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