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RIFT launches patch 1.3, but don't bank on it

Eliot Lefebvre

After a great deal of anticipation and previewing, the latest patch for RIFT is finally on the live servers. Patch 1.3 brings with it a variety of improvements, including character transfers, a new raid, new world events, and of course the usual round of balance and general improvements. But there's a feature conspicuously missing from the whole affair, forecasted by the fact that the official patch notes simply say that more details on guild banks will be available when they are released.

Yes, it looks like the patch was getting just a little too big for its britches -- guild banks were found to have a couple of lingering issues and thus have been held back from the release. There's no specific timetable on when the feature will be implemented, as the announcement states mostly that the team didn't want to hold back the entire update for one feature. RIFT players might be a little miffed at the loss, but there is a full patch to explore anyhow, for however much that helps ameliorate the temporary loss.

[Thanks to Paul for the tip!]

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