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Team Fortress 2's Uber Update continues with Timbuk Tuesday, World War Wednesday


You gotta give it up to Valve. Team Fortress 2 is just shy of being a nineteen-year-old game (jokes!) and the developer is still dishing out fresh, free content. The Über Update festivities continue this week, revealing several new items for the Sniper and the Demoman.

First up, the Sniper gets a new rifle and new melee weapon: the Bazaar Bargain applies bonuses for each consecutive head shot, while the Shahanshah sword gives damage bonuses when low on health. And, yes, we had to quadruple-check how to spell the name of that damn sword.

As for the Demo, he gains access to a new shield called The Splendid Screen, which gives him a ridiculous boost to his charge shot damage and the ability to inflict charge shot damage at any range. Plus he also gets some resistances to fire and explosive damage. The Persian Persuader, his new sword, allows him to convert ammo into health, while Ali Baba's Wee Booties, a new pair of kicks for the Scot, give him a boost to max health and greater turning control while charging.

Today also brings some goodies: World War Wednesday sees the soldier get two new class packs, including a speedier rocket launcher, a new shotgun and some boots that allow the Soldier to deal out extra damage when falling onto unsuspecting enemies. If you want to see these items up close, hit up the source link below to check out Valve's posts.

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