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Verizon data plans leaked, unlimited users will be grandfathered in


Android Central says it's nabbed an official document laying out the brand new Verizon data plans that are scheduled to take effect next month, and there's good news for those of you currently using an iPhone on Verizon with an unlimited plan: it looks like you'll be grandfathered in.

We weren't quite sure if that would happen yesterday, but if this document is real, Verizon will be going the way of AT&T and allowing those with unlimited data plans to keep them (presumably as long as they're not changed or added onto any other deals).

Elsewhere on the deals, the smartphone plan will start at 2 GB for $30 a month, up to 10 GB bandwidth for $80 a month. Mobile hotspot access costs $20 a month extra for 2 GB on the hotspot.

Unlimited plans will still be available up to July 7, and those unlimited plans will continue even when you upgrade your phone in the future. So if you want to get in on an unlimited plan before the caps get put in, now's the time to do it. We'll keep ears open for official confirmation on this one, and you can read all the details over here.

[via Engadget]

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