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Verizon FiOS IMG 1.9 rollout to resume next week, with SD override and improved contrast


Verizon FiOS TV subscribers eagerly waiting for their crack at the new IMG 1.9 software for their set-top boxes with its HD guides, support for external hard drives and more can breathe now, as it will start rolling out again soon. Mari Silbey at Zatz Not Funny has heard from a "very reliable" source that updates will resume next week, and expand nationally in the next few months. Director of Product Management Joe Ambeault confirmed on Twitter that the new v1.9a software started getting loaded into the network last night, and includes the SD override wizard and improved contrast tweaks that necessitated a pause in the first place. The one minor damper on the news is that the roll out will restart with those that already have 1.9 getting the new version first, so if you're still looking at a 4x3 UI it will likely remain in front of you for a few weeks longer.

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