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Witcher 2 senior producer Tomek Gop leaves CD Projekt Red [update]


As CD Projekt Red crams The Witcher 2 onto the Xbox 360, it does so without senior producer Tomek Gop. The developer's LinkedIn profile indicates that he left CD Projekt Red sometime in June, after being at the company since March 2006. His time there included stints as a producer on The Witcher 2 and the RED Engine, and as a "production coordinator" on the first Witcher.

GOG PR manager Lukasz Kukawski told VG247 that Gop had apparently left not only CD Projekt Red, but the game industry in general, though no information was provided about his future plans.

Update: CD Projekt confirmed Gop's departure in a statement to Joystiq, also including a note from Gop saying that his reasons for leaving were "mainly personal." And as for leaving the game industry, Gop said "though possible, I wouldn't bet on it. It's addictive..."

Also, Lukasz Kukawski is the PR manager for Good Old Games, not CDP. We've corrected that reference.

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