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ASUS rumored to have 13-inch Android laptop on its mind, NVIDIA expected to provide ARM CPU

Vlad Savov

Some might argue that ASUS already has an ARM-powered Android laptop in its inventory thanks to the Eee Pad Transformer, however the company's now been identified as planning a more spacious 13-inch notebook device, whose power and pricing could well be even more attractive than the Transformer's. We should naturally be wary of the source here, DigiTimes having a record that's as patchy as the grass at Wimbledon after the first week's play, but the Taiwanese rumormonger says ASUS has already made launch plans for this 13-incher and will be using "NVIDIA's processor" inside. What's intriguing here is that in the paragraph immediately preceding that revelation, DigiTimes mentions quad-core ARM SOCs -- of which the one nearest to release is NVIDIA's Kal-El. Given the non-specificity of which NVIDIA processor we can expect, Kal-El's projected August release date, and the fact that the chip has already figured in an ultraslim Windows 8 prototype laptop, we'd say there's plenty of circumstantial evidence to stimulate dreams of quad-core Android laptop action. Additionally, DigiTimes points out that multiple vendors are gunning to offer ARM-powered notebooks with sub-$299 price points, aiming to gobble up market share with rock bottom pricing. Bring 'em on, we say.

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