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Magicka PVP update released, new DLC available


As promised, new player-versus-player content has been released for Magicka. The free update features three new modes including Classic Deathmatch and a last-man-standing mode called Brawl. The Krietor mode, named after a Magicka modder, unlocks new spells -- and thus new strategic possibilities -- as the round progresses.

New Magicka DLC is up for purchase as well. First is the Final Frontier pack, priced at $2.99, which includes the Vulcanus Arena map and some new sci-fi goodies (remember that episode of Star Trek?). Also, for $1.99 each, players can pick up the Frozen Lake map, the Watchtower map or the Party Robe pack.

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The Time to Take Those Gloves Off! Free PvP Mode for Magicka Goes Live!
Sometimes wizards don´t get along -
PvP Mode, Map Pack, and New Robes Now Available for Download

New York, June 21, 2011 – The mages of Paradox Interactive are proud to announce that the PvP mode is live, free, and available online. If you are the unfortunate owner of a conscience that prevents you from retaliating against your friends when they "accidentally" explode your head, your chance to seek sweet revenge in one of Magicka's sanctioned arenas is finally here!
Nothing feels better than taking matters into your own hands, right? Plus, we'll be on the sidelines cheering! Cheering for hysterical demises, that is.

Players will be able to wreak havoc in the Havindir Arena and Training Ground maps, and a new Reservoir wizard robe will be available as new free content.

To celebrate the occasion Vlad, who isn't a vampire, is sending the wizards on a new special mission: gcEZ8jz_Hc

Available for sale will be the all-new Final Frontier Map Pack, priced at .99, which include the never-before-seen Vulcanus Arena, a sci-fi themed map that doubles as a PvP map and a challenge map. Also available for purchase is the chilling Frozen Lake map as well as a "stop staring at me, you're freaking me out" Watch Tower map, both priced at style="".99. As always players will be able to play the maps even if they didn't purchase them – as long as the player hosting the map owns the map. Players will be able to don new robes suited for the new PvP game modes – a tank robe, a support robe and rogue robe.

Magicka PvP offers three modes of gameplay:

Classic Deathmatch: Instead of accidentally zapping your companions, you kill them on purpose! It's every wizard for himself as up to four physically inept beings duke it out in a one mage takes all battle.

Brawl mode: In Brawl, each player/team only has a set number of lives, and the last ma...wizard standing wins. Just make sure your "friends" don't squander those precious lives.

Krietor mode: A fiendish new mode named after a clever Magicka fan who modded the game, the round-based Krietor mode unlocks Magicks at special intervals during the match, forcing players to come up with different strategies as new spells become available.

Check out the latest Magicka PVP developments:

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