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Stratus allows CloudApp management via iOS


Earlier this month, TUAW's Samuel Gibbs introduced a lot of new readers to CloudApp as one of his continuing series of Daily Mac Apps. If you've become smitten with CloudApp on your Mac, or sending screenshots to your development partners through the CloudApp web app, then you'll be absolutely in love with Stratus (free) -- it brings CloudApp to your iPhone and iPad.

Stratus isn't an official CloudApp client, but it certainly looks like one. Developer Jeff Broderick built in support for CloudApp's new streaming service, so any uploads to CloudApp update immediately, as do view counts.

There's no need to tap any "see more" button, since the app features an infinite scroll feature. Once you're at the bottom of an item list, Stratus automatically loads 30 more items to view.

If Sam's post wasn't enough to get you to sign up for CloudApp, you can get a free CloudApp account within Stratus, so there's no need to jump out to the website. Stratus looks like a great way to use CloudApp from wherever you may be with your iOS device.

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