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Apple files patent lawsuit against Samsung in South Korea


Apple has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung in the manufacturer's home country of South Korea. This round of litigation is a response to an earlier patent infringement case Samsung filed against Apple in South Korea, Germany and Japan. It's also part of a longer volley of lawsuits that started when Apple sued Samsung for trademark and trade dress infringement over its line of Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

Despite their close manufacturing relationship, the two tech companies are embroiled in a complex legal battle both here in the United States and overseas. Last week, Apple's legal team claimed they were in talks with Samsung about these various cases, but Samsung denied this report.

The companies have not reached any settlement agreement, and the patent infringement cases are slowly moving through the legal systems in their respective countries. Samsung was recently handed a blow in the US when a judge denied its request to see the iPad 3 and the iPhone 5.

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