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Bungie's Marathon definitely coming to iPad


Bungie has open-sourced its classic first-person shooter Marathon (originally released on the Macintosh), which will pave the way for that rumored port to finally make its way into the world. It looks like developer Daniel Blezek is going to be releasing the game for free, which should take care of those sticky issues around selling GPL code, and in a quick interview with Bungie, he says he's doing it just for the love of the game and the platform.

The title will have some standard controls (no aiming reticule, like the original game, though there is an option to add one in) and will get more adjustable controls later on. It certainly sounds like a lot of love and care has gone into the port, both in the transition to the iPad and in the recreation of the original game itself.

It sounds awesome. Bungie doesn't say exactly when the title is going to go live, but this interview is being posted in advance of the Bungie Day celebration, which is scheduled for July 7. So it's somewhat likely we might be playing Marathon on the iPad as soon as then.

[via Joystiq]

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