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Hellgate open beta to begin June 30th [Updated]


Hellgate's closed beta has been going on since the beginning of this month, but now it's almost time to kick open the doors and blast some monsters in open beta. T3FUN announced today that the freshly rebooted Hellgate will be entering open beta in six days on June 30th.

Strap up your armor and choose your weapons and get ready to jump into the seedy supernatural underbelly of the world of Hellgate. Just make sure you come prepared by checking out our previous coverage of the game!

[Update: The official announcement has been released, and it contains news of a few new features for the game. Duel Areas will be included for players who wish to take part in some team-based PvP combat, while those with a PvE inclination can test their mettle with the Cow Room (surely an homage to Diablo II's infamous Cow Level), where players face off against wave after wave of zombies in hopes of netting some rare loot. For the full press release, hit the official site.]

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