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The Old Republic's Daniel Erickson says writers are game designers

Jef Reahard

Can game writers be classified as game designers? BioWare writing director Daniel Erickson thinks so. In a brief interview at PC Gamer, Erickson lays out his views on the legitimacy of game writing in no uncertain terms.

"You can teach a writer to be a junior game designer. You cannot teach a junior game designer to be a writer. You need somebody who is a senior master level writer and then you teach them the basics of game design," he says.

Erickson goes on to describe BioWare's writer boot camp, which involves a three-month training period and a lot of work that will never see the light of day. While the article doesn't directly mention Star Wars: The Old Republic, it's clear that Erickson and BioWare are looking to further spread the word regarding the upcoming MMO's heavy narrative focus.

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