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Hellgate open beta starts next Thursday

Hellgate, T3 Entertainment and HanBitSoft's free-to-play relaunch of Flagship Studios' doomed MMO, will open up its doors to any and all interested evil-smiting parties starting next week. The game's public beta will launch in North America and Europe next Thursday, June 30, giving new volunteers the opportunity to try out the beta's limited suite of features. You can sign up to try out the relaunched title on the official Hellgate website.

According to a HanBitSoft press release, the arrival of the open beta will bring two new game modes to the client: A PvP arena, and the "Cow Room," which tasks players with surviving waves of attacking zombies -- and notably lacks any bovine aggressors. You may be wondering, "Why is called the Cow Room?" It's almost worth checking out the beta to find out.

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