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iOS app updates for June 25

The following iOS apps received updates in the App Store:

Echofon for Twitter

Version 4.0.9 was released with the following changes:

  • Changed authentication method to OAuth through the web version of Twitter
  • Official photo preview support (#photos)
  • Draft saves
  • Added the ability to copy a tweet's URL

8mm Vintage Camera

Version 1.2 was released with the following changes:

  • Added post-processing of previously rendered videos
  • Added Super 8 lens
  • Added Noir and 60s films
  • Added projector-sound only and auto-save settings
  • Added option to delete all movies from My Reels
  • Enabled AirPlay support

Nebulous Notes (for Dropbox)

Version 4.3.3 was released with the following changes:

  • Search ability added through $find macro

GoodReader for iPad

Version 3.8 was released with the following changes:

  • File tabs added
  • Side menu for creating PDF annotations added
  • The ability to delete local files
  • Adds the ability to create a free 5 GB SugarSync account if needed
  • PDF freehand mode adds color changing, thickness and opacity options while drawing
  • Redesigned PDF page slider
  • PDF passwords memorized if a file is kept on the file tab panel and the user doesn't exit the app
  • Files can be starred through Find Files
  • Improved support for the iPad 2's native video mirroring

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