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Apple has become Australia's top mobile brand

Mel Martin

There are a lot of iPhones in Australia, and IDC reports today that the number has grown enough to make the iPhone the top smartphone "down under."

Apple is reported to have a 40% market share of Australia's smartphone market, a rise of about 10% quarter-to-quarter. Android has a 30% share, while Symbian is plunging to a third place 22%. The IDC analysts expect the Android OS phones to eventually be the top sellers, which is something we've seen here in the states.

Meanwhile, Comscore is reporting that the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch account for 50% of Australia's mobile traffic, while Android devices consume 10.5%. Comscore is also reporting that the iPad is the dominant tablet in Australia, which is no surprise, as that aligns with numbers collected from other countries.

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