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GameSamba adding an offer wall

Jef Reahard

The last time we heard the term offer wall around these parts, it was in reference to a Turbine initiative that sparked an outpouring of fan anger centered on Dungeons and Dragons Online. The company ultimately did away with the plan due to concerns over Turbine's third-party partner (Super Rewards) as well as the general shadiness associated with trading a player's personal information.

Today, Realms Online publisher GameSamba has announced its own offer wall, this time in concert with Guppy Media and Peanut Labs. GameSamba's press release says that the new deal "complements [its] existing partnership with Super Rewards, which not only provides free offers but also allows access to over 100 global payment methods."

Super Rewards, Guppy Media, and Peanut Labs are advertising firms that pay GameSamba for leads, in effect exposing GameSamba customers to various third-party products that they might not otherwise be aware of via surveys, special offers, and the like. GameSamba, in turn, gives Sambas (the company's virtual currency) to those gamers who meet certain requirements relating to the third-party advertisers. You can learn more about the arrangement on the GameSamba forums.

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