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Low-cost Andy Pad tablet spotted in the wild, Andy Pad Pro said to be following


UK-based Andy Pad has been teasing its eponymously-titled Android tablet for a little while now, but it was just recently spotted in the wild for the first time at an apparently private launch event, where those in attendance were also apparently told that it will be available in two versions: an 8GB model for £129, and a 16GB for £169 (or roughly $200 and $270). What's more, while the basic Andy Pad keeps things cheap with a resistive touchscreen, the company's also now confirmed there will be an additional Andy Pad Pro model that packs a much more welcome capacitive display, plus both front and rear-facing cameras (among other "additional features"). Unfortunately, it's not clear if that aforementioned 16GB model and the Pro are, in fact, one in the same -- Andy Pad itself hasn't confirmed a price for the latter, and is only saying that it will be aimed at early adopters. We'll let you know more as we get it.

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