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TUAW's Daily Mac App: swackett


Most weather apps display weather as you might expect with temperature and weather symbols. Swackett, a free (ad-supported) weather app from the Mac App Store, bucks the trend with cute cartoons of people showing the current and forecasted conditions.

A "different kind of weather app," swackett shows you your current local weather conditions as well as today's, tonight's and tomorrow's forecast using characters of people wearing "suitable clothing" for each condition. For instance, if it's cool but not cold, swackett shows people wearing a light jacket, jeans and T-shirt. If it's going to rain, you'll see someone holding an umbrella. You'll even come across "easter eggs" for certain weather conditions from time to time, such as characters replicating a scene from Gone with the Wind for hot and sunny weather. A break-down of the day's weather is also displayed in 2-hour intervals along with a 7-day outlook and local, regional and national radar, plus regional satellite maps.

Weather information is powered by, so there's a good chance your location is available. You can even tweet the current weather condition directly from the app.

Swackett is also currently available as a web app (iPhone app coming soon), so you can get your weather predictions in the browser, too. An optional free login lets you save location and preference settings for temperature and other customizable features across devices. If you get sick of the free swackett characters, more can be purchased from the swackett store with "British Invasion" and "The 1950's" available for US$1.29 each.

If you're looking for something a little different from a standard weather app that'll make you chuckle, then download swackett for free from the Mac App Store.

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