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Twisted Pixel CEO says studio is working on iOS game


"The Capcom fiasco -- if you want to call it that -- lit a fire under our butts to give [iOS development] a try and see if we can make something there," Twisted Pixel CEO Mike Wilford has told Touch Arcade. Of course, the "fiasco" he's referring to was Capcom's appropriation of Splosion Man's core gameplay mechanic for its MaXplosion, similarities that Wilford himself told Joystiq were "nauseating" back in January.

But forget about all of that: Twisted Pixel is working on an iOS game! "We're working on something. Nothing to announce yet. Hopefully, relatively soon we'll having something to share with you guys," Wilford said. While he played coy on what this new project is, Wilford did say that the staple of "character-driven IPs" created at Twisted Pixel provide potential for "a lot of fun stuff."

Baby Splosion Man? The Fingerstringer? The Maw(ing at your iOS screen)? What do you guys think Twisted Pixel is up to?

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