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No Comment: Your life in 30-second intervals with Lifelapse


Whenever we get publicity info about a new iPhone app, my personal curmudgeon radar goes to high alert if the app in question is accompanied by a precious and fashionable custom accessory. There's something about that mix of software and paraphernalia that sets my teeth on edge a bit.

That's partly why I'm less than enthused about Lifelapse, the new time-lapse photo app/lifelogging tool launching in the App Store today for US$0.99. The app was created by a team of Dutch developers/students, and the concept is pretty simple: the app takes a picture every 30 seconds, and then combines them into time-lapse videos like the one below (only on the 3GS or iPhone 4, the 3G & original iPhone lack the horsepower to create the video).

Along with the app, however, Lifelapse is selling an adorable 'Lifepouch' neck lanyard into which you may tuck your iPhone, making it easy to keep snapping away while you stroll the streets/beaches/ruins/marketplace of Insert Exotic Locale Here.

Never mind the obvious drawbacks of this plan: reduced battery life, hundreds of pictures you don't want, your friends abandoning you because you look like a complete tool. Here's the biggest problem: you are wearing your iPhone around your neck while you are strolling around Insert Exotic Locale Here, where you will rapidly be identified as both a) a tourist and b) the possessor of more money than sense. How many iPhones will be purloined from around unsuspecting necks before this pouch concept gets canned? The app should warn you on launch to make sure Find My iPhone is activated.

I have no doubt that there are certain times and places where a timelapse travelogue would be a fun and interesting thing to create, and obviously a 99-cent app investment is not a major budgetary concern for most iPhone owners. This particular combination of app and accessory, though, strikes me as the perfect mix of self-absorption and poor environmental awareness -- which is why I'm filing it under No Comment.

Lifelapse video of Lisbon below, illustrating that at least the wearer followed local advice to stay hydrated.

Lifelapse recorded in Lisbon, Portugal from Lifelapse.

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