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Report: Sony CEO Stringer asked to step down by shareholder


During a Q&A session at Sony's annual shareholder meeting last night, an investor asked CEO Howard Stringer why he was still there. Okay, it wasn't that abrupt, but according to AV Watch's report of the proceedings, an investor did call for a change of leadership, due to lowered trust and stock prices after the PSN data breach.

Stringer responded by saying the question was understandable, and then apologized for the inconvenience (again). He said Sony is working to strengthen its information management systems to their "maximum."

Stringer also told shareholders that, following the resumption of PSN services, 90% of users have returned. Presumably, that's 90% of the users who can return, a group that doesn't include anyone in Japan since PSN access (specifically the store) hasn't been fully reactivated.

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