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The Royal Society wants kids to make graphene, puts the miracle material in games


If we were more musically inclined we might write a ballad singing the praises of graphene -- the magical material that can be used in everything from super-fast CPUs to ultra-efficient solar panels. Sadly, the truth is, we're bloggers and not rock stars for a reason, so we'll just entertain ourselves with the Royal Society's Summer Science exhibition on the carbon nano-structure instead. From July 5th through 10th the London-based science center will run a major hands-on exhibit where participants will get a chance to see graphene under a microscope and create their own single layers of of the stuff with nothing more than a pencil and some scotch tape. If getting to the Trafalgar Square-adjacent academy is out of the question, you can always fire up the promotional and educational Graphene Games, which you can download for both Android and iOS at the more coverage links.

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