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Warhammer's 1.4.3 patch goes live today

Jef Reahard

It's patch day in Warhammer Online, and we've got your your 1.4.3 update at a glance. In case you're trying to sneak in a few minutes of play during your workday, we're sorry to inform you that Mythic's servers are currently down (the good news is that there's an expected up time of 1:30 p.m. EDT according to the note posted yesterday on the official website).

So what's new and exciting in this patch? For starters, Sigmartide. This two-week live event sees Order players basking in the glow of the faction's first emperor while they "seek out corruption, cleanse the wicked, and honor the age-old bonds with the Dwarfs." Destruction types, meanwhile, will actively oppose all the revelry by desecrating celebration altars and doing all the things that bad guys do.

Also falling under the 1.4.3 banner are new temporary RvR accessory sets and a shakeup of WAR's scenario lineup. Hit up the official website for more details.

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