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XBLA developer Twisted Pixel aiming for iOS


Touch Arcade recently chatted with the CEO of developer Twisted Pixel Michael Wilford. Twisted Pixel is the group behind Xbox Live Arcade hits like The Maw and Splosion Man, the latter of which was the "influence" for Capcom's "MaXplosion." Touch Arcade asked about iOS development, and Wilford first said the Capcom incident had "lit a fire under our butts" to try to make an iOS game. He then confirmed that Twisted Pixel is "working on something" for Apple's platform.

That's exciting! We don't yet know what it is they're working on; TUAW contacted Wilford to ask if it might be an original IP or a port of one of the XBLA titles, but were told it's still too soon to say. Wilford does tell us there'll be something to share soon, so we're all ears.

There's one more wrinkle to this: XBLA is currently one of the biggest online marketplaces for downloaded games out there, and it could be argued it's in direct competition with Apple's App Store. We've already seen some crossover between the two platforms, and whenever this project is ready to see the light, it seems we'll have even more.

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