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Champions Online adds Impulse archetype, delays Issue 5


You want the good news or the bad news first? Don't you hate when someone asks you that? Why can't it always be good news, you want to yell?

Champions Online has a little of both today. On the downside, Aftershock: Issue 5 is being delayed until tomorrow due to various unspecified issues introduced with the latest update. Hopefully the team can get them ironed out so that Issue 5 can be enjoyed to the max.

On the upside, free players now have another potential superhero archetype to choose from: The Impulse. Priced at 920 Atari Tokens (or free for gold players), The Impulse permanently unlocks a force field-using hero for your account.

According to the official description, The Impulse "allows you to knock foes back, keeping them away from you and preventing them from attacking while they fly through the air. You will gain the ability to shield yourself and allies, while also being able to dish out serious damage."

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