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Fallen Earth announces cash shop sale


Even after the apocalypse, price-slashing still appears to be a running tradition. GamersFirst announced today that everything in the Fallen Earth cash shop must go! Or something like that, anyway. Many Fallen Earth cash shop items have had their prices lowered drastically, with the sale lasting until the launch of Alpha County on July 6th.

The selection of items on sale is extensive, with extra character slots -- usually $30 -- dropping to a comparatively dirt-cheap $11. Faction resets drop from $15 to $9, and many other items, such as a fashionable pair of brass goggles and a terrifyingly fowl (ha ha) prairie chicken mount, have had their prices lowered by 50% or more. So if you're a Fallen Earth player looking to part with your hard-earned cash, head on over to the official site for the full sale listings.

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