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Here's the first (very blurry) image of Respawn Entertainment's unannounced game


Interested in seeing what's next from the duo who headed development on the majority of Call of Duty games? So are we. Unfortunately, all we've got is this very blurry image seen on Respawn Entertainment's newly launched website. Perhaps the unannounced project is being developed in Unreal Engine 3, and the textures simply haven't popped in yet?

Beyond the screen is a star-studded developer page, full of many CoD dev veterans, as well as a handful of other impressive credentials (Pilotwings 64!). There's a forums section as well, presumably where the team will be dropping clues about that unannounced game they're working on for EA.

Finally, a news section highlights the cursory details made available about the controversy-embroiled studio thus far, and shows off the group's new digs, blurred computer monitors and all. Feel free to dig around and let us know if you find any tantalizing nuggets.

Update: A second, much clearer though somehow even less distinct image is used on the company's front page. It's a background for a link to the forum topic discussing Respawn's next game, and we've dropped it after the break.

We're going to start adding some sophisticated image analysis after this point. We'll get you started!

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