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Mojang's Scrolls to follow Minecraft's piecemeal release strategy

Mojang Specifications' Daniel Kaplan confirmed that the studios' next game, Scrolls, will follow the same procedural release plan as its current mega-hit, Minecraft. Kaplan explained to attendees at the Barcelona-based event Gamelab 2011 that the game will be released "very early," and will be continually patched and updated until finished. Hey, if there's anything we love more than magic-infused parchment, it's instant gratification.

Kaplan also outlined the future of the development studio, explaining that Scrolls is being developed by a five-person team -- a sizable increase over Minecraft, which was "by and large created by one developer, Markus Persson." He also revealed the studio is considering becoming a publisher for other, smaller indie developers, which of course means that Mojang is totally selling out, or something.

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