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App Store unofficially hits 100,000 iPad apps


Apple is the leader of the tablet market for many reasons. The hardware is stellar, the OS is smooth and the App Store is packed full of apps. So full, in fact, that the overall count of apps for the iPad has unofficially crossed the 100,000 app milestone. As Macstories points out, a quick look at the App Store on an iPad lists over 100,161 apps -- and that number is climbing.

This number dwarfs the offerings found on other tablets like the BlackBerry PlayBook and Android tablets like the Xoom. For many customers, the presence of a robust App Store influences their purchasing decision. I've experienced it myself when I cracked open a shiny new Xoom tablet earlier this year. It's pleasing when you get a new device and can spend an hour trying out new apps, but disappointing when you browse an app store and only find several hundred apps (most of which are junk).

Apple has a definitive advantage in this area thanks to a legion of hard-working developers who continue to push out quality apps. Keep up the good work!

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