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Bungie Aerospace a partner program with social, mobile devs

Justin McElroy

If you were hoping that Bungie Aerospace would be a new action-packed game from the venerable Halo developer, well ... we don't think we could disappoint you more than we're about to right now.

Bungie Aerospace (the trademark for which first popped up in early 2010) is a partner program in which the AAA powerhouse will team with social and mobile devs, giving them "creative freedom and the resources they need, like access to the platform and an audience with the incredible Bungie community." The release stops short of calling Bungie the publisher of these products, but it certainly reads that way.

The first dev getting the Bungie bump is Seattle's Harebrained Schemes, a studio run by Jordan Weisman, of I Love Bees/FASA Interactive/Wizkids fame. It's an intriguing partnership, but we won't get our hands on the results until this summer when a game codenamed "Crimson" (which Aerospace trademarked in May) hits iOS and Android.

You know, we're excited by the news, but we can tell this isn't what some of you were hoping for. ... Hmm. Well, what if we told you "Crimson" has Master Chief in it?

It doesn't, but what if it did? (It doesn't.)

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