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Champions Online issues state of the game letter, launches Aftershock Issue 5


We've got double the Champions Online treats for you folks today, as Cryptic has released the June state of the game letter as well as the next issue in the ongoing Aftershock weekly comic series.

We'll start with a quick run-down of the state of the game letter. Hideouts will soon be added to the game, giving heroes a place to call their own. The Telekinesis power set review is almost finished, and players should be on the lookout for a mid-July release. A good deal of new items have been added to the C-Store, and Cryptic has also announced that July's additions to the store will follow a fantasy theme, while August's will focus on sci-fi and technology. There's much more to the letter that we simply don't have room for, so head on over to the official site for the full state of the game announcement.

Next we come to Aftershock's Issue 5, titled Dark Tower. In this issue, CO players must infiltrate a tower belonging to the nefarious Kings of Edom in order to save Luther Black and the last remaining UNTIL soldiers from a diabolical fate. It's a battle against time, as our heroes must succeed before the arrival of the Kings of Edom themselves, lest the very fabric of the Qliphothic Realm unravel with them trapped inside. Will our heroes survive? Find out in Aftershock, Issue 5.

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