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Child of Eden down to $35 at Amazon (you're running out of excuses!)

Our five-star review of Child of Eden praised just about everything the game had to offer, short of its diminutive length. "You can beat it in a single sitting (or, as the case may be, standing), with the game's five chapters clocking in at a scant 90 minutes," our own Griffin McElroy wrote. "It ends with a swell, and leaves you with a despondent, unanswered wish for more."

While this Amazon deal won't deliver any more Child of Eden, it can help deliver some Child of Eden to those of you still positioned squarely on the fence. At $35, a 30% savings from its usual $50 asking price, Child of Eden may be a no-brainer for some of you; for others, nothing short of $20 will do. We're not judging you ... but you're cheap.

[Thanks, Andrew.]

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