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Connecting to Google+ on your iOS device


Google enabled invitations and opened the floodgates to its new Google+ service last night before shutting it down due to "insane demand". Many iOS users were included in this new group of invitees and they may be wondering how to get Google+ on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Unfortunately, a native app for Google+ is not yet available. It's tied up in the App Store approval process with no discernible ETA. The next best alternative is Safari and the mobile web app version of the social network. Before you cringe, the experience is not that bad. You have access to your circle of friends, stream, notifications, photos and profile.

What are you missing by using a web app? The two biggest items I noticed are push notifications and native camera support. Hopefully, the Google+ app will hit the App Store soon. We'll be watching and will let you know when it officially arrives.

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