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Discover Prope's Unreal-powered iPhone game


Yuji Naka's company Prope, developer of Ivy the Kiwi? and Let's Tap, has been quietly populating the iOS App Store with Let's Tap minigames and other assorted bite-sized apps, but its latest release is something of a surprise.

PD - prope discoverer is an Unreal Engine-based game for iPhone and iPad that has players exploring a 3D castle environment to find three hidden cards in each area to unlock doors. It's sort of a hidden-object game, but with first-person movement and a fully rendered 3D world.

Prope Discoverer is definitely a mellower experience than Infinity Blade, but it's interesting to see a small Japanese company developing a first-person Unreal-based experience on iPhone. If you want to walk around the "idyllic sunlit gardens" and "eerie and bewildering castle cellars," you can download it for $3. Wander past the break for a trailer.

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