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How to tame your Guild Wars Dragon Festival


Summertime is usually a quiet period when it comes to MMO festivals; however, Guild Wars likes to use these slower days as an excuse to throw its annual Dragon Festival. The event, which started today in the game, features a number of special quests in Guild Wars' Asian-themed zones.

Of course, the biggest attraction of the Dragon Festival is the limited-edition mask that players can earn at the end of the event. Each year features a different mask model, which is highly desirable by Guild Warsians -- and it can only be attained during this weekend. Just follow the sound of players shouting "WHERE IS HAT?"

If you haven't sent your characters to the party zone in Factions' Cantha yet, you shouldn't fret as it's a fairly painless process. Those looking for a quick-and-dirty guide to the Dragon Festival would do well to check out our suggestions from last year!

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