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My Wonderful Days makes journaling easy


My Wonderful Days is a US$0.99 journaling app that makes recording your thoughts incredibly easy. It's designed to let you quickly jot down your activities and rate your feelings using a happiness meter. There's no pressure to write long passages on your iPhone or iPod touch. It's all about capturing the moment in a few words, almost like Twitter for your diary.

App Experience:

My Wonderful Days features a clean, uncluttered interface with charming, hand-drawn icons. It uses a black and white motif and is easy on the eyes. My Wonderful Days is easy to use, but I wish the icons had labels. Several times I tapped an icon because I had no idea what it did. The app is lightweight and responsive, which fits in nicely with is streamlined interface.


The app has several views, including a calendar view that lets you quickly see which days you made an entry, and an agenda-style view that lets you see your mood and the first few lines of your entry. There is also a search view that lets you search via word, happiness or star rating. The app remembers where you were when shut it down and opens back to the view.

Each entry lets you add text by clicking on a pencil icon, rating your mood on a happiness chart and adding a star for those memorable days. You can also swipe left and right to move ahead or go back a day. Once your thoughts are jotted down, you can click on the bullhorn icon to share your entry via Twitter, Facebook or email. When you are done, you can click on the paper icon to hop back to the main menu.

The settings are simple as well. You can enter your birthday into the app to get a special greeting, turn on an alert function to remind you to make an entry, toggle sound and toggle the password on and off. You can also change the greeting from "Today is" to anything you want and adjust the font. A backup feature lets you sync your journal entries with your computer via Wi-Fi.

Missing from the app is support for the camera. You can import a saved picture from your camera roll, but you cannot launch the camera, take a photo and have it automatically appear in your entry. There is also no landscape view, but that's not a deal breaker with this type of app. Landscape is convenient, and some people prefer it. For me, though, it's easier to read and type in portrait mode. Lastly, the app lacks any location features. It would be nice to have the option to toggle location on and off. If you are travelling you can record a memorable moment with GPS support, and the app will automatically insert the location into your entry.

Pros and Cons:


  • easy to use
  • stable application
  • simple interface that is pleasing to the eyes
  • photo import
  • customizable greeting and fonts
  • backup and restore to a computer via Wi-Fi
  • social networking, alarm and password features


  • no support for the camera
  • icons can be confusing and could use labels until you get used to the interface
  • no landscape view or native iPad support
  • no location services


My Wonderful Days is an excellent app for recording quick thoughts and your general mood on any given day. It's easy to use, so you are more likely to be consistent and do it for the long-term. So many people give up on their diary because they feel they have to write a novella for each entry. My Wonderful Days removes that temptation.

Developed by haha Interactive, My Wonderful Days is available for 99 cents in the App Store and is worth a download for those that like to record their thoughts while on the run.

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