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Netflix Watch Instantly works in a new region: Puerto Rico


Ever since Netflix launched its Watch Instantly movie streaming service residents of and visitors to Puerto Rico have been left out of the fun, but today that changed. This evening Puerto Rican disc-only subscribers began receiving this email indicating their accounts are now streaming enabled, ending their infuriating wait watching the service expand internationally to Canada and heard rumors it would reach the UK or other countries soon. Netflix confirmed the expansion to us in an email while a post by the Puerto Rico Statehood Students Association -- which began agitating for the policy change about a month ago -- indicates they were successfully able to stream movies by PC and phone, although Twitter reports NBC content isn't working. Does this mean Fat Joe will drop a Roku reference on his next album, or that JJ Barea's NBA Championship celebration is finally getting under way in style? We can only hope so.

Update: Per Netflix PR, this should also apply to other US Territories as well -- here's looking at you, Guam.

[Image Credit: Rafy Mediavilla, thanks Ibrahim!]

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