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New Modnation Racers DLC rolls out


More ModNation Racers DLC was promised, and here it is: a Water World parts pack and a new fire-engine themed kart plus racer are now available in the game for your microtransaction purchase. "Backburn" is a fire fighter racer, and he's got a miniature fire engine to drive, available for $1 each or a 25 percent off if you buy them together.

The Water World parts pack allows players to insert rafts, slides and even an inflatable shark into their ModNation Racers courses. That pack is $6.99, and joins the Big City Career Extension Pack and Arctic Career Extension Pack (both $9.99) in the PS3 and PSP versions of the game.

Finally, the PlayStation blog is also awarding the "Moddies" this month, celebrating the best user-created content from the game. You can see the results over here -- some of those tracks and mods are very, very well done, and all of them are up for download right now. Congrats to all the honorees!

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