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World of Tanks on an iPhone? Perhaps, perhaps not, but something similar might be a possibility as announced that it's teamed up with mobile game developer DAVA Consulting. The two companies have formed a "strategic partnership" for a long-term plan to take the highly successful World of Tanks team into the realm of mobile gaming.

The partnership will allow to start exploring gaming possibilities on mobile platforms, including iOS devices. DAVA is located in Eastern Europe and provides a wide variety of services from bottom-up application development, consulting, handling ports, and game testing. CEO Victor Kislyi apparently wants to make as big of a splash on the iPhone as the company did with the PC: "Having known the DAVA team for some time, we are thrilled to have them spearhead our efforts in the mobile games and applications development. We are looking forward to establishing a strong presence on the mobile market and DAVA is the best partner to assist us."

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