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Welcome Back goodies for European PlayStation Home outlined

Who cares about free games, downloadable content or PlayStation Plus memberships? We certainly could not care less -- our envious eye has fallen on the European PSN, whose Welcome Back rewards now include a grip of free PlayStation Home swag.

The free gear, which will be available for all European PSN users from June 30 until July 28, includes:

  • Anime Style Apartment
  • Anime themed clothing and furniture sets
  • Paris Modern Office furniture set
  • nDreams Big Bash party bundle
  • nDreams Fantasy Fashion and Funkster costumes
  • Aurora OrbRunner Booster Bundle
  • A cuddly Stitchkins Bunny Toy from Lockwood
  • A Midway Green ticket (50 plays)
  • Cardboard Cartel Furniture from Codeglue
  • Fortune Cookie active item
  • A selection of Tops, Shirts, Skirts, High-top trainers and glasses
  • Go Fish – a new, free-to-play fishing game based in the Shopping Centre

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