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Club Nintendo 'Platinum' members to receive commemorative pin set


Yesterday marked the end of the "year," as far as North America's Club Nintendo Elite Status goes. Did you earn 600 "Coins" by registering first-party Wii, DS, and 3DS games and taking surveys between the end of June last year and yesterday? If so, you're entitled to this year's gift for Platinum status holders, a set of commemorative pins.

The 25 Super Mario Bros. sprite pins come in six boxes that can be arranged to form a picture of Mario, a mushroom, or a Goomba.

If you hit the 300-Coin mark in that period, you're entitled to the "Gold" gift, which, as always, is a desk calendar with a different Nintendo game theme for each month. We just switched over to the Nintendogs + Cats page in our 2011 calendar this morning! Awwww.

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