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HTC EVO 3D torn down, three-dimensional magic revealed (video)

Brian Heater

So, it turns out that when you crack open the EVO 3D, pixie dust doesn't pour out of the thing -- disappointing, sure, but such is life. Thankfully, there are some interesting things to look at, however, like the dual-core processor and, of course, the cameras that let you take all of those awesome 3D shots of your pets. Wanna see more of the magic? How about a seven minute teardown video shot with a cameraphone? It's not quite the manner of pro teardowns we're used to seeing from the folks at iFixit, but there is a certain joy in watching a guy excitedly tear open his new toy. For the rest of you, we don't recommend trying this at home -- but if you do, definitely upload it to YouTube. Video after the break.

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