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Dear Aunt TUAW: Will there be a TV from Apple?


Dear Aunt TUAW,

Is there any chance Apple will release an actual TV? I'm considering the ATV2 but its close enough to September should I wait?

Your loving nephew,


Dear Sean,

Auntie considers the likelihood of Apple releasing an actual consumer electronics TV to be as likely as Donkey Kong giving up bananas, or red- and blue-state Senators crossing the aisle to indulge in a festival of love and mutual appreciation, or Boston baseball fans giving up on hating the Yankees.

Will Apple TV itself, i.e. the box that connects to real TVs, get a bump? Er, possibly. Is it likely? Probably not. Will the features be so awesome that you will regret having laid out $99 on the previous generation if such a mythical product does appear? Again, probably not.

The Apple TV 2 has re-defined itself into the must-have product for accessorizing your iOS device to the living room. With it and iOS 5, you'll be able to wirelessly mirror movies, music, and games. You'll be able to give Keynote presentations, product demos and more. And you can get that all with the current Apple TV 2 box and it will be ready to use in September when iOS 5 debuts with those mirroring features.

So should you wait until September? Sure. Why not? Even if you don't need Apple TV 2 now, you'll really want to pick one up when iOS 5 goes live. And in the unlikely case that Apple introduces a new generation, the old one will drop from very-affordable to dirt-cheap.


Auntie T.

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